After-School Enrichment Program

As physical education programs are increasingly being cut back in schools, the health and wellness benefits that come from the practice of Taekwondo cannot be emphasized enough. Our After-School Program does double duty. It is the best option in finding a safe place for your child to be AND it gives them an activity to focus on, and many goals to attain with our belt system.  Along with the benefit of engaging in high quality, structured martial arts, children will learn the benefits  of our five tenets  to improve character development.​ 

Children  are picked-up from their school by our drivers and brought to Kids Club. These students are provided a quietly monitored room to complete their homework .  Students are either involved in class, or working on homework and can be picked up as late as 6pm.  

On a safety note, all drivers and instructors over 18 are Live Scanned for the children's protection.

Little Dragon (Ages 4 - 6)

These are the most important and formative years of a child's development. Our program uses positive, fun and motivating instruction to develop physical balance, strength and hand-eye coordination while building basic social skills and nurturing positive family values. We teach discipline, self-control and focus. Little Dragon Instructors are good role models that encourage and challenge each child physically and mentally to achieve goals set for them.​

Children's Program (Ages 7 - 12)

Children in this age group have a lot of energy. We teach them how to concentrate that energy to learn and perfect forms, sparring and refine overall techniques. Each student is guided in their training to become strong competitors should they participate at local and state tournaments. At the same time, children learn how to protect themselves and develop confidence in their ability to handle life’s challenges. They are taught the importance of respect, self-control and teamwork, both for themselves and for others. Children become good athletes and grow into more responsible well-balanced citizens.

Teenagers and Adults

Taekwondo challenges physical fitness at any age. This program promotes endurance, flexibility and agility while providing the opportunity to develop practical self-defense skills. You and/or your child will have a great work-out and be challenged in achieving excellence in every area as well as increased mental sharpness. The 5 Tenents are emphasized and camaraderie grows through training and mutual encouragement.